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Balance of Yin and Yang exerts neutrality (Zhong in Chinese) and integrity by keeping one’s promise (Xin in Chinese). These two important concepts in Chinese thinking represent the corporate philosophy ZHONGXIN CHEM was founded on: taking the righteous course and keeping one’s word.
Righteous and reasonable behavior and keeping every single commitment to every customer as well as every supplier are the fundamental principles for ZX CHEM management and all our employees. Hainan Zhongxin Chemical Co., Ltd. (Zxchem) was founded in Haikou, China in 1995. Since then we have strived to meet the requirements of our customers through an understanding of their individual needs, sourcing a wide range of chemicals and providing value-added services for our clients worldwide.
We are passionate about providing high quality professional services to the chemical industry. Quick responsiveness, quality products, our ability to source hard to find chemicals and last but not least our highly trained team of service professionals has helped Zxchem to grow quickly over years. We have become a one-stop sourcing solution and service provider for many partners around the world.
Zxchem was founded in Hainan as a trading house, specialized in sourcing bulk chemicals.
First factory was set up in Guangxi, specialized in the production of ferrous sulfate and series.
First branch was set up in Shanghai, which further broadened the business range to fine chemicals and pharmaceutical chemicals. Hong Kong Zxchem international Co, Ltd was set up. ISO 9001:2000 quality control system authentications got passed.
South Africa office came into existence. The logistics centers were established in Tianjin, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Qingdao.
Tianjin Branch was set up.
ZXCHEM’s share holding factory Jiangsu Tetrachem was established.
Qingdao Branch was set up.
Zhejiang Sinopont Techonology Co., Ltd was set up. South America branch was set up.
Russian branch was set up. Shanghai JieRui Chemical Co., Ltd was established. Research and development ability got strengthened.
Wuhan branch was set up. Overseas business department was set up.
North America branch was set up & ZXCHEM Group as equity participant make investment for collagen/Gelatin manufactory .
Indonesia branch office was set up in Djakarta .
Singapore branch office was set up .
Shanghai Punuo international was set up & Business dept of E-commerce was set up in Shanghai .
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Zxchem has grown from a small foreign trading company to a major supplier in the chemical industry with over 300 employees. Our customers are located in over 80 countries ranging from trade and industry to research and logistics.
With a bright view of future, we will make good use of all the opportunities brought by the development of our country and the progress in our society. In the years ahead we want to continue and increase the growth of our company by creating new opportunities for our suppliers and customers to help each of them to realize their own dreams.